July Pulse Report Survey

Rate RETAIL trends in the month of July.
Retail - NEW boat units
Retail - USED boat units
Retail - Equipment/parts/accessories
Rate your comfort level with INVENTORY for THIS TIME OF YEAR.
TopicsToo LowJust RightToo High
Inventory - NEW boat units
Inventory - USED boat units
Inventory - Equipment/parts/accessories
Service. Rate the level of activity in your service department compared to the same month last year (if your dealership services units).
TopicsMuch lowerAbout the sameMuch higher
Service activity
Rate your SATISFACTION as a dealer based on:
Current Conditions
3-5 Year Outlook
Rate the impact of these factors on DEMAND during the month of July.
TopicsHurt DemandNo ImpactHelped Demand
Local Economy
New Products (or lack thereof)
Trade-in Activity
Access to Credit
Government Action/Inaction
Boat shows. Does the lack of inventory and other supply-chain challenges change your decision on whether to attend boat shows this fall and winter?

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