April Pulse Report Survey

Rate RETAIL trends in the month of April.
Retail - NEW boat units
Retail - USED boat units
Retail - Equipment/parts/accessories
Rate your comfort level with INVENTORY for THIS TIME OF YEAR.
TopicsToo LowJust RightToo High
Inventory - NEW boat units
Inventory - USED boat units
Inventory - Equipment/parts/accessories
Rate your SATISFACTION as a dealer based on:
Current Conditions
3-5 Year Outlook
Rate the impact of these factors on DEMAND during the month of April.
TopicsHurt DemandNo ImpactHelped Demand
Local Economy
New Products (or lack thereof)
Trade-in Activity
Access to Credit
Government Action/Inaction

We hope you are well in the middle of the challenges posed by the coronavirus. We've included a set of questions (typically longer than our usual surveys) to get a better understanding of how the pandemic is impacting your business. We appreciate any feedback you are willing to share.

Dealership operations. Which best describes the current status for each aspect of your dealership?
DescriptionsThis aspect of our dealership is currently...If closed: we currently plan to remain closed for another...
TopicsClosedOpen - Normal HoursOpen - Reduced HoursAvailable Online Only1-2 weeks3-4 weeks5-6 weeks7-8 weeks9-10 weeks11+ weeksToo soon to tell
Boat sales
PG&A sales
Sales trends. If your operations have remained open, how did each aspect of your business trend in April vs. April last year?
TopicsN/A - we were closedDown 81-100%Down 61-80%Down 41-60%Down 21-40%Down 11-20%Down 10% or lessFlattishUp 10% or lessUp more than 10%
Boat unit sales
PG&A sales
Support for dealership. How do you rate the support from boat manufacturers, banks, and the government to help your dealership get through the crisis?
TopicsNot at all helpfulHelpfulVery helpful
Boat OEMs
CARES Act and PPP Loans. Have you utilized any provisions of the CARES Act?
CARES Act and PPP Loans. Have you applied for a PPP loan?
CARES Act and PPP Loans. Have your received funds from a PPP loan?

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