May Pulse Report Survey

Rate RETAIL trends in the month of May.
Down Flat Up
Retail - NEW boat units
Retail - USED boat units
Retail - Equipment/parts/accessories

Rate your comfort level with INVENTORY for THIS TIME OF YEAR.
Too Low Just Right Too High
Inventory - NEW boat units
Inventory - USED boat units
Inventory - Equipment/parts/accessories

Rate your SATISFACTION as a dealer based on:
Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied
Current Conditions
3-5 Year Outlook

Rate the impact of these factors on DEMAND during the month of May.
Hurt Demand No Impact Helped Demand
Local Economy
New Products (or lack thereof)
Trade-in Activity
Access to Credit
Government Action/Inaction

Tax reform. Over the past year or so, what impact (if any) have you seen on new boat sales as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?
Negative impact on new boat sales Unsure

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