December Pulse Report Survey

Rate RETAIL trends in the month of December.
Down Flat Up
Retail - NEW boat units
Retail - USED boat units
Retail - Equipment/parts/accessories

Rate your comfort level with INVENTORY for THIS TIME OF YEAR.
Too Low Just Right Too High
Inventory - NEW boat units
Inventory - USED boat units
Inventory - Equipment/parts/accessories

Rate your SATISFACTION as a dealer based on:
Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied
Current Conditions
3-5 Year Outlook

Rate the impact of these factors on DEMAND during the month of December.
Hurt Demand No Impact Helped Demand
Local Economy
New Products (or lack thereof)
Trade-in Activity
Access to Credit
Government Action/Inaction

Imported Boats. Do you think imported boats will continue to make gains at US dealerships? If, so how much higher will they climb in terms of total dollar sales for 2020?

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